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The establishment of the minimal standards necessary for designation as a specialist is performed by members of the Board’s Examination Panel, guided and assisted by the Directors of the organization. The Examination Panel accomplishes this task by developing questions that test an individual’s cognitive and application skills in topical areas representing the scope of the specialty. These areas are weighted according to the relative importance of various subjects and represent the contemporary practice of the specialty across regional and national borders.
For the development of an international standard of certification, a diverse Examination Panel representing the international community is necessary for the creation and delivery of examinations. The Examination Panel responds to requests for questions testing specific subject content. Questions will be developed both for use during both the Part 1 and Part 2 examinations and must adhere to guidelines for good question development adopted by the IBCSOMS Directors. Each question is reviewed for suitability by the Directors before acceptance into an item bank. As each question is used during subsequent examinations, specific statistics characterizing the question’s performance will become part of a question’s profile. Good questions can be used repetitively while questions that fail to distinguish passing candidates from failing candidates are discarded.
  1. Prospective examiners must be practicing oral and maxillofacial surgeons in good standing as determined by the licensing or accreditation authority in the country or region in which he/she practices.
  2. Prospective examiners must be recognized as specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery and must have held this distinction in their country / region of practice for at least five (5) years. If a formal certification process does not exist in the country / region in which the prospective examiner practices, the IBCSOMS Directors have the authority to make appointments to the Examination Panel of individuals who are otherwise not certified in an effort to provide international diversity and balance.
  3. Officers of the IAOMS Board of Trustees of the may not serve as regular Examination Panel Members, but in the event of a shortfall of examiners, a Director may perform the duties of an Examination Panel member.
An individual appointed to the Examination Panel of the IBCSOMS accepts the following responsibilities entrusted to members of this important body:
  1. Agreement to compose appropriate examination materials for the computer-based MCQ examination, oral certifying examination and the recertification (CIP) examination as assigned by the Directors of the IBCSOMS.
  2. Agreement to undergo the necessary training to develop questions that meet the standards of the IBCSOMS
  3. Agreement to serve as an examiner for the oral certifying examination on a regular basis
  4. Agreement to undergo the necessary training to be an oral examiner and the necessary calibration exercises to score an oral examination
  5. Complying with the necessary deadlines for completion of different assignments and duties
  6. Providing the IBCSOMS with Volunteer Copyright Assignment and Disclosure Policy forms on an annual basis
  7. Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of all IBCSOMS materials, examinations, and meeting information during and following a period of service with the IBCSOMS
  8. Adhering to the standards of conduct expected of all Fellows of the IBCSOMS and the code of behavior for all members of the Examination Panel of the IBCSOMS
  1. Complete the IBCSOMS Examination Panel application form electronically.
  2. Submit the completed application form and two (2) letters of recommendation from a specialist leader who has personal knowledge of the prospective examiner’s personal and professional qualifications by November 1st in the year prior to appointment. Examples of professional leaders include current or past presidents of national specialty organizations, chairman or program directors of oral and maxillofacial surgery training programs, deans of medical or dental schools, heads of governmental accreditation or licensing bodies.
  3. If an individual is not appointed immediately following submission of an application, submission of a letter of continuing interest every four (4) years will maintain a prospective examiner’s candidacy for consideration annually.
  1. Appointments to the Examination Panel will be made annually by the IBCSOMS Directors based on the needs of the Board in specific areas of expertise and to maintain international balance and diversity. Appointments are made for one (1) year terms.
  2. Reappointment to the Examination Panel shall be at the discretion of the Senate and shall be based on a Panel member’s successful fulfillment of responsibilities the previous year.

  • The IBCSOMS Examination Panel appointment form can be accessed via the following link:
    Examination Commitee Application
  • Application must be submitted online to :
  • The deadline for receipt of applications is :
    December 15th each year.

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